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Self-Publishing Consultation

Schedule a 45-minute video chat to discuss any or all of these topics:

  • Writing process

  • Feedback (beta readers+)

  • Levels of editing

  • Nonfiction book tips

  • Publishing tasks

  • Publishing timeline

Nonfiction Manuscript Evaluation

This service includes:

  • Full outline of topics and subtopics

  • Feedback on alignment with Audience, Purpose, and Goal

  • Content recs (too much, not enough, additional needed)

  • Global suggestions to improve clarity and effectiveness

  • Work in MS Word or Google Docs (client preference)

Nonfiction Copy Edits

This service includes:

  • Detailed read-through of full manuscript

  • Corrections to spelling, grammar, and usage

  • Creation of project-specific Style Sheet to ensure consistency

  • Suggested revisions to simplify or clarify text, or to avoid repetition

  • Work in MS Word or Google Docs (client preference)

My Services

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